Homeland Hotel Chengdu Introduction

Property Amenities of Homeland Hotel

This 9-story hotel has 261 guestrooms and 37 villas behind it.
Beauty salon, Karaoke, Billard, Bowling, Sauna massage, Fitness room, Swimming pool, Tennis court, Golf court

Food & Beverage of Homeland Hotel

Cafe, Western restaurant, Gujiacun restaurant

Conference of Homeland Hotel

Conference rooms

Location Summary of Homeland Hotel


Address:181 Jichang Road, Wuhou District, Chengdu, Sichuan Province

- 13km to Qingyang Palace;
- 13.5km to Wangjianglou Park and Tianfu Plaza;
- 6km to Shuangliu International AIrport;
- 18km to Chengdu North Railway Station;
- 7km to Chengdu South Railway Station.

Address in Chinese

Chinese address of Homeland Hotel
( TAXI driver can take you to us easily with the Address in Chinese )
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